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Are You Looking For Reliable Military Items Buyers in NY?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Antiques & Collectibles Buyers buy all types of old war weapons and related items. Our knowledgeable military articles experts recognize the value these vintage items hold and offer you a fair price for them. We deal in a range of different military items including but not limited to swords, daggers, uniforms, head gear, helmets, insignias, medals, orders and other military merchandise.
If you want to sell your military collectibles in NY, then contact us to discover the real worth of your valuable war antiques.

Why Choose Us To Sell Military Collectibles?

At Antiques & Collectibles Buyers, we understand how much an antique military item can be worth if put in the right hands. While the war collections at your house are sitting there gathering dust, there are enthusiasts out there looking for precisely the items that you hold. Our two decades worth of experience in buying war antiques allows us to efficiently put these items in the hands of these enthusiasts while making you a handsome amount of money in the process. Being the most reliable Military Items Buyers in NY, you can trust us to get the best price for your wartime items or collections.

Which Military Items Do We Buy?

Our appetite for antique wartime memorabilia is not limited to any particular country, era, or war. While your antiques are most likely from the second world war era, you can come to us with any of the historical military items from the Civil War, revolutionary war, world wars, Vietnam War or any of past international wars.
Don’t let that military item locked in your basement gather any more dust. Call us at 929-216-1451 to ask us any questions or to make an appointment for a visit.